Why Mark Hurd Thinks Oracle Will Dominate the Cloud Space


 If you are not aware of what going on in the cloud industry, then it’s best that you that there’s been some sort of cloud war as tech giants attempt to be leaders in the promising industry.  If you are follower of tech, then there is no doubt that the cloud industry seems to  be the next big battle among tech giants.

Despite no being a leader of cloud services, Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, is confident that his company will be a leader in the space in a few years. With more and more companies doing way with their in-house servers, cloud services are becoming the next big thing in businesses. Currently, the Amazon is the market leader, with Microsoft and Google following closely. Those three company account to half of the whole cloud market.

But Mark Hurd is optimistic that the future is brighter for Oracle as he and his team plots a strategy to win the cloud war. Mark was interviewed by CNBC where he talked at lengths on why his company oracle will be a leader in the cloud space in the future. Firstly, mark thinks that companies have to offer more than just storage space and computing power. He reckons that providers of cloud services must move towards providing a suite of services alongside storage and computing power.If you want to learn more about Mark Hurd, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Hurd#Compensation.

Mark Hurd believes that cloud service providers must start providing such services to small businesses. Already, the cost of cloud services is decreasing each day, meaning it won’t be long before the space is dominated by small business. He believes that Oracle has lots of advantages in the market because its already a leading software vendor. To fight market leaders like Amazon, Oracle has been acquiring exciting companies in the cloud space. It hopes that these companies will help it wrestle the market from leaders such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Hurd is a believer of innovation and excellent customer service at this. He believes that companies must constantly innovate if they are to remain relevant in the market place. Those companies that fail to invest in the research and development departments will surely lag behind. Also, excellent customer service is an important factor that Hurd believes will differentiate company A from B. He believes the era of price differentiation is over as customers are ready to pay more provided they are treated excellently. Know more facts about Hurd at this site!


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